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Updated 16 Oct 1997

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VETA is a non-profit
Society for Safety Research
by Scientists and by
Experienced Traffic Professionals

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Accident avoidance support

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Accidents are unintentional like diseases.
Prevent them accordingly!



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3 October 1996.
Except of the URLs from The Reciprocator links have been added on:
961004 (a-o), 961005 (a-f), 961012 (a-f), 970216 (a-b), 970219 (a-c), 970304, 970331 (a-b)

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Links from The Reciprocator

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The Reciprocator

Automotive Links

VETA Research Society supports drivers in accident prevention
Links to recreation and beautiful people make safety knowledge attractive
(This is what is displayed from here on the following Web sites)

Fantasy Autocrafters
The largest custom and classic car and truck shop in PA,OH and NY.

FLY-N-HI Offroad Centers

The Auto On-Ramp
The Auto On-Ramp is a great jumping-off point for auto enthusiasts.

Over 3,500 Hotlinked Business Bookmarks

The Chat Suite contains a room for Car Talk
Web-site partners wanted

TV IN CARS: TV/SS - TV SUPER SOUND Solutions For Your Car
People can enjoy 'free' TV through their vehicles' EXISTING sound systems.
VETA comment: Hopefully, owners will be supported to avoid watching during driving.

KJ Software Site
Financial Software on Auto Leasing, Buy vs. Lease, Loans...

the Orlando Mall
Fun stuff, free stuff, directories, search engines, resources - much more

Automotive Enhancement Hubcaps & Wheel Covers
New hubcaps and wheel trim for all makes and models. Wholesale Prices

Spring Hill Muscle Car Club of Florida
One of the best car clubs in Florida!

Ragtop's Mopar Page
Classic Mopar pictures and links

MUSCLE Car of the Week
Come vote for YOUR favorite Muscle Car each and every week!

Horton & Sons Classic Car Transport
Classic car transport, a different picture each visit.

VETA WARNING! When checking the following link on 19 February 1997, my system halted due to Java Script errors.
Sports and Racing Cars! Muscle Car of the Week! Cool T-shirts! And MORE!

Solar Battery Chargers
Haven of hard-to-find solar-powered gadgets

Advantage FREE Classified Ads & Links
Featuring AdTrack Submission Assistant-easily keep track of all of your ads

Last link received from The Reciprocator checked 970331 (31 March 1997).

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Links distinguished on Topics

Old list from GeoCities being merged and adjusted to this website.

Transportation-, Safety- or Accident-Related Websites

Links for us who enjoy vehicle control ...

... without thinking of risks all the time
(best way to drive safely?)

Are you tired or have you lost your sleep-resistance?

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To be conscious that you are ignorant
is a great step to knowledge

(Disraeli quoted by Bartlett)

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Best Wishes from Sweden and Lennart Strandberg
Freelance Traffic Scientist and Driving Lecturer (link to page in Swedish)
Charter Chairman of the non-profit VETA society
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